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NDA Technologies Incorporated
Suite 253, PMB A80
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Las Vegas, NV 89123

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NDA Tech

Nuclear Fuel Rod Scanners were pioneered by National Nuclear Corp. (NNC), founded in 1968 by Samuel Untermyer II, inventor of the Boiling Water Reactor. The President of NNC was Luther Welsh Sr.

Sam and Luke sold NNC and retired. The new owners chose to concentrate on NNC's other product lines and slowly retreated from the rod scanner business by the late 1990s. NDA Tech was founded to fill the void left by NNC.

NDA Tech was founded by Luther Welsh, Jr. in 1996. In 1978, Luke Jr. helped NNC develop their first PDP-11-based rod scanner. In 1988, he returned to NNC as Senior Software Engineer. As such, he ported, wrote, or re-wrote the majority of the software for the following scanners:

•  Siemens Hanau single channel passive MOX

•  ABB-Atom single channel active

•  ANF (Lingen) dual channel active (upgrade)

•  ABB-CE single channel active

•  BNFL single channel AGR active

•  BNFL PWR single channel active (upgrade)

•  ENUSA single channel passive with Gadolinia

•  ANF (Lingen) single channel passive with Gadolinia (upgrade)

•  NCCP single channel active

Since its founding, NDA Tech has delivered

•  AREVA NP high speed passive scanner with Gadolinia

•  AREVA NP dual channel active (upgrade)

NDA Tech has consulted to

•  KNFC (dual channel active scanner)

•  Shaw AREVA MOX Services (passive MOX scanner)

•  BNFL (passive MOX scanner)



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