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Vallecitos and Reunion

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Also, Sam has been nominated to the Inventors' Hall of Fame. I'll try to add the text of the nomination.

On September 28, 1996, General Electric celebrated the 40th anniversary of their Vallecitos Nuclear Center, site of the first commercial reactor. The reactor was designed by Sam Untermyer. It was here, at this project, that Luke Welsh (Sr) first worked with Sam.

The information on this wwweb page is non-proprietary. The text pages are from the Valleticos Newsletter and from invitations to attend the anniversary picnic. The photos were taken by Luke Welsh Jr. and family.

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Historical Markers
Sam's Reactor
Artwork circa 1958 by Luke Welsh, Jr., age 8
I still remember that day. I wasn't allowed inside. Up there in the clouds is The Big Bad Wolf. He lived under my bed.
Lester Kornblith, Luke Welsh, Ronald Reagan, Sam Untermyer
Lester passed away about 10 years ago. His PhD was in Nuclear Physics from MIT. Luke (1924-1991) was a Naval Academy graduate with a Harvard MBA. Ron hosted a TV show sponsored by GE and later got into politics. Sam got his Bachelor's in Engineering from MIT and decided that they couldn't teach him anything else.
Dick Kornblith, Sam Untermyer, Luke Welsh, Jr.
Dick is a high-powered lawyer in Los Angeles.
40th Anniversary Reunion picnic
Grandma (Julie Welsh) and Sam Untermyer. She watched Sam like a hawk to make sure he didn't tire.
Len Grossman and Sam Untermyer
Len is ex-GE and was in charge of the construction of the ABB Combustion Engineering facility in Hematite, MO, including the ordering of an Active Fuel Rod Scanner from NNC ca. 1992.
Luke Welsh Sr.'s grandsons
Future RSO's, every one of them.

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